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Verizon web site About You

Instructions on how to access Verizon's About You web site from home or a remote location is a web site that allows Verizon employees to access, view and print various important documents including weekly pay stubs and w-2 tax forms going back several years. In addition you can make changes to your Direct Deposit elections including which bank, banks or credit unions your weekly pay should credited to and in what amounts.

In order to access the “About You” web site you will first need to register from a company computer using your Single Sign On (SSO) ID and password. In addition, once registered, your will need to periodically access the site, at least every two months, from home or a remote location or your access will be restricted and you will need to re-register from a work computer.

Revised 5/2/13 you will be given the option of having the system remember you for 30 days so that you will be able to skip several of the below steps on subsequent sign-ons during the following 30 days. This is only recommended when using a home computer.

Step 1 go to

Step 2 select the "agree" option to the Terms and Conditions

Step 3 enter your last name, V code and password

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