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Verizon Declares Another Surplus Effective 3-4-2014
CWA 1105 Tape Updated 2-26-2014 at 5:45 PM

Verizon has declared a surplus in Force Adjustment Areas (FAAs) 1 through 6. The force adjustment areas that apply to CWA 1105 are 1 through 3. Offers for enhanced EIPP (Enhanced Income Protection Plan) effected employees will be made by March 4, 2014. Employees who receive an EIPP offer and wish to take it must transmit their decision in writing by March 18, 2014. The off payroll date for those employees accepting the offer will be March 30, 2014.
The following is a list of effected titles in CWA 1105 and the number of surplus within those titles by FAA:
FAA 1 - Admin Asst. - 3; Drafter - 3; Engineering Drafter – 1; Office Asst. – 1; Senior Admin Asst. – 5.
FAA 2 - Drafter - 1; Engineering Drafter – 1; Office Asst. – 1; Senior Admin Asst. – 4; Special Asst. - 2.
FAA3 - Drafter - 1; Senior Admin Asst. – 6.
For a list of all titles and the number surplused across all 6 FAAs please see the link to the PDF on the right side of this web site.
11-21-2013 Verizon sent out a communications this week regarding the breakdown in talks with CWA regarding a possible enhanced EIPP offer. Implied in the language of the Company's communication was that they had made a totally reasonable offer and were baffled by CWA's rejection. CWA Local 1105 President Keith Edwards has addressed the situation on the CWA 1105 hot line, 718-904-1105. A copy of the transcript of Keith's message is available to the left on this web site by clicking on the "1105 TAPE" menu item. In addition we have made available the Verizon proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in its entirety on the top right hand portion of this web site. You can read and or print it by clicking the MOA PDF.
TTA Program Identity Theft Alert
CWA has been informed that a laptop computer that was assigned to an employee of Hudson Valley Community College was stolen from her home in early September. Hudson Valley Community College is the lead college for the TTA program.
The computer had a database with personal information (including full social security numbers) of every employee who was accepted into the TTA program as well as all employees who applied to the TTA program. . The computer also had over 100,000 e mails which may also have contained social security numbers.
Due to this breach of employee identity, Hudson Valley Community College will be sending a letter to all employees who may have been affected, informing them of the theft. In addition, the college will offer an Identity Theft Program to those employees, free of charge, for a two year period.
A PDF of a sample letter from Hudson Valley Community College that will be going out in the coming days is available on the right side menu of this web site.
The 2014 Annual Open Enrollment Dates are as follows:
Active Members: October 23, 2013 to November 6, 2013
Retired Members: November 7, 2013 to November 21, 2013
• Retirees can call starting November 1, 2013
• Retirees can continue to make changes up through November 30, 2013 to be effective January 1, 2014.
If you are happy with your current health plan and want to continue it, there is nothing you need to do.
Also, as a reminder that Anytime Enrollment was discontinued last year and is not available – Changes can only be made during Open Enrollment with the exception of a Qualified Status Change. Examples of a Qualified Status Change are adding a spouse if you get married, adding a child when there is a birth of a new baby.
Any member who completed a Health Assessment in 2012 or who completes one at any time through 2013, will receive the $100 Health Assessment credit in 2014. There is no need to complete a second assessment if you already did it during that timeframe.
HIP Health Plan (Plan #920) and Independent Health Plan (Plan #827) have been frozen plans which mean that no new enrollments have been allowed. These plans will remain frozen in 2014. The company did notify us that they are considering eliminating these plans for 2015. We will have further discussions with the company regarding this in 2014.
August 2, 2013 -
In November 2006 Verizon unilaterally modified the Absence Control Plan (ACP); eliminating steps, changed the accepted definition of “satisfactory” under the ACP and introduced suspensions as part of the plan. CWA filed grievances regarding the numerous ways the company’s changes negatively impacted our members.
On May 22, 2011 the arbitrator’ decision denied in part and sustained in part the claims made in our grievance.
The arbitrator ruled that:
1. The Company did not violate the just cause provision of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
2. The Company did violate the “1983 Freije letter”.
3. The Company did violate Article 44.02 of the CBA (Article 44 of the CWA 1105 CBA).
4. The Company did not violate Sec 8(a)(1) or 8 (a)(5) of the National Labor Relations Act.
The Arbitrator ordered the parties to meet to address and remedy the violations the arbitrator had identified. Under his ruling if the parties could not reach an agreement, he would retain jurisdiction and rule on the remedy to be applied. The parties failed to reach agreement and the case went back to the Arbitrator for further review.
On May 5, 2013 the Arbitrator issued a new ruling. This ruling reinstates the extra step to the ACP for employees that have 25 or more years of service and while preserving the company’s new definition of “unsatisfactory” under the ACP for purposes of justifying the suspension provisions of the modified plan which begin at Step 3, it does not allow the company to deny movement under the Specified Posted Vacancy (SPV) plan until an employee reaches Step 4 of the modified ACP.
Both arbitration rulings appear to the right on this web site.
June 20, 2013 – CWA rallied in front of 140 West St. to protest Verizon’s decision to abandon lower Manhattan. Verizon received over 100 million in federal dollars after the collapse of the World Trade Center damaged 140 West St on September 11, 2001 as a result of a terrorist attack.. They received addition tax breaks by relocating workers to the 140 West St. site as part of the downtown rebuilding effort following the attack.
Over 1100 CWA Local 1105 and 1101 workers were displaced from 140 West St. following hurricane Sandy which flooded lower Manhattan. Now Verizon is looking to convert 140 West St. to retail shops and luxury condos. Once again workers are being asked to uproot themselves and be relocated so that Verizon can reap windfall profits made possible by federal rebuilding funds.
District One Vice president Chris Shelton, CWA Local 1105 President Keith Edwards and CWA Local 1101 President Keith Purce addressed the rally urging Verizon not to go back on their pledge to be part of the permanent rebuilding effort of lower Manhattan following the cowardly attack on innocent Americans. The CWA leadership was supported by various speakers including New York City Mayoral candidate Bill de Blassio, Julie Meinn, candidate for Manhattan Borough President and Leticia James candidate for New York City Public Advocate.
All Verizon Leave of Absense status requests including:

FLMA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Leaves
Anticipated Disability Leaves
Care of Newborn Child (CNC) Leaves
Educational Leaves
Enhanced Educational Leaves
Family Care Leaves
Military Leaves
Personal Leaves

must be made by calling MetLife on 855-814-9344

Verizon 3-4-14 Surplus FAAs 1 to 6
POSTED 02/27/14 7:20AM
Verizon 3-4-2014 Surplus FAAs 1 to 6.pdf

Memorandum of Agreement - EIPP
POSTED 11/21/13 4:09PM
MOA- EIPP Offer-11-4-13.pdf

TTA Program Identity Theft
POSTED 10/22/13 1:43PM
Vz stolen laptop letter.pdf

ACP Arbitration May 5, 2013
POSTED 08/02/13 1:44PM
Arbitration decision ACP remedy -2013.pdf

ACP Arbitration May 22, 2011
POSTED 08/02/13 1:44PM
ACP Arbitration Decision-5-25-11.pdf

CWA Members Attend Manhattan CB1
POSTED 03/27/13 10:46PM
3-27-13 7 World Trade CB1-1.pdf
Hundreds of CWA Members Attend March 27, 2013 Manhattan Community Board 1 Meeting at 7 World Trade Center

Request for Coverage Review -Brand/Generic Co-Pay Difference Due to Clinical Reasons
POSTED 03/14/13 12:30PM
brand-generic copay 2013.pdf

Verizon Medical Coverage
POSTED 10/19/12 5:34PM
Contributions for Verizon medical coverage will become effective November 1, 2012.

Final Bargaining Summary 9/27/2012
POSTED 10/09/12 10:34AM

CWA - Verizon Memorandum of Understanding
POSTED 09/25/12 12:31PM
VZ-CWA 2012 Memorandum of Understanding.pdf

Verizon Memorandum of Agreement 2012
POSTED 10/09/12 10:33AM

CWA Local 1105 - Local Issues
POSTED 10/09/12 10:35AM
CWA Local 1105 - Local Issues.pdf

POSTED 10/09/12 10:36AM
Comparison of current plan to new plan

Health Care Network
POSTED 10/09/12 10:37AM
Comparison of current plan to new plan

NYNE Prescription Drug Plan
POSTED 10/09/12 10:39AM
Comparison of current plan to new plan

Agreement Regarding Strike Disipline
POSTED 10/09/12 10:33AM
Agrrement Regarding Strike Disipline.pdf

CWA Verizon Bargaining Report July 24, 2012 PDF Version
POSTED 07/24/12 10:40AM
Regional Bargaining Report July 24.pdf

POSTED 03/04/11 12:27PM
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.
- Martin Niemöller

POSTED 09/29/11 2:19PM
SuperMedia Dues Deduction Form.pdf
Dues Deduction Form

Empire City Casino
POSTED 04/26/13 11:09AM
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Dues Deduction Form

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